Meditations: Indigo Morning

It was time for my morning meditation. I always turn on the Pandora Spa music station and select an essential oil. That morning, I reached for an essential oil called Motivate and sat Indian style on my sofa. It was so cold I could feel a cool draft from the living room windows.

Meditation has become a good habit to begin my days. It’s a wonderful self-love ritual that gives me that special “me time.” It helps me get centered and clear for the day. It also mitigates any negative worry that arises. Some mornings can be tough.

Connecting to color through meditation

I began with a deep breath in and out, as I do every morning. I rubbed the essential oil on my wrists and behind my earlobes to imbue my limbic system through inhalation. I continued to breath in and out, deeply. This calms me and slows the distracting thoughts in my head. Some days, it’s easier than others.

That day, I was having a hard time focusing. I was distracted and wasn’t present. The grocery list and many other to do’s were coming up. I took three deep, intentional breaths in and out. This worked to clear them away. After the third breath, a stillness set in.

As I sank deeper into the meditation, I felt the color coming. On this day, it was a stunning shade of indigo blue. It was all around me, big and expansive. It flowed towards me in large blue and purple waves.

Indigo blue

The purple in indigo connects you to your third eye, also known as the brow chakra. It was radiating my internal light of truth, a pure inner wisdom and knowing. With crystal clarity attuned to the senses, the answers start to appear. The “aha” moments begin.

Inspired, and very present, I continued flowing with the color after the meditation. I picked an indigo blue cashmere sweater to wear, as well as ornate Indian jewelry mixing orange, magenta, plum, and purple. These colors enhanced the energy of the indigo against my body. As I moved, the power of the meditation moved with me, hour after hour, all day long. I call this color connecting.

Sitting at my desk, I was ready to move into action and embrace all that this new year will bring. I lightly applied a new chakra booster perfume called Adore Yourself on my wrists and palms. Its essence was created to align with the third chakra and the “I can” energy. Very passionately, I said to myself over and over again, “I can!”

I then chuckled to myself. Years ago, when I chose the brand name “I adore me” for a company, everyone told me I shouldn’t use it because it would never catch on. Now there are so many companies promoting themselves with some form of “adore me” that it’s funny. I knew in my being that I was on to something. Just goes to show that we all need to listen to our inner voices and trust what feels true.

As the day continued, I felt myself grounding. I was living and embodying my truth.

It still amazes me how color more closely connects me to who I am. In meditation, it’s a treat to see what color will come each day. Always, it comes filled with guiding and healing love.

How can you connect more deeply with color?

The calming energy of blue

~ ~ ~

Connecting with Indigo Blue

Indigo blue is a blended color. It has a blue base infused with purple.

Blue has a calming effect and can increase vitality, infusing a sense of positivity and confidence. It increases intuition and spiritual connection. Blue activates the fifth chakra (the throat chakra), therefore, clears obstructive energy interfering with speaking your truth and expressing your true feelings effectively. Blue clears the way for elevation to the sixth chakra, the goal to keep energy moving up to higher frequencies and levels of connection to God/Universe/Soul.

Purple infused in indigo blue is what specifically helps with hearing, eyesight, and mental clarity. It connects a person to their intuition and the spiritual dimensions. It creates a portal with the sixth chakra (the third eye). Purple raises the energy vibration so a person can see beyond the veil of illusion and find clarity, which leads to vision. This color is associated with royalty and divinity (connect to your inner King or Queen, knowing you are a beloved child of God or the Universe).

Indigo blue is beneficial to dis-ease of the head, eyes, ears, or nose, as well as mental and emotional misalignments, especially stress. Visualizing indigo helps with focus, visionary capabilities, finding clarity and defining purpose. It inspires (in spirit) clarity and vision on what’s next, what’s ahead, visionary guidance, surrounded in calm and confident energies. It allows a person to then clearly communicate the truth within that has been disorganized by friction created by the energy of stress. The color is a spiritual harmonizer with a twist of enthusiasm. Grounded clarity meets heightened intuition, resulting in a can do attitude and clear communication.

Suggestions for deepening your connection to indigo blue:

Clothing: Choose to connect more closely with the color that comes during your meditation by wearing that color all day. Not only will you feel the power of that energy internally and externally, but others will also feel it, too – through you, as you, in the density of clothing.

Gems: Wearing jewelry that includes amethyst, lapis, moonstone, diamond, blue topaz, clear quartz, and aquamarine can connect you more deeply to the energy of indigo blue.

Foods: Blueberries, grapes, plums, pure liquids and juices, herbal teas with lemon and honey, and clear water are aligned with the energy of indigo blue. Consciously choosing foods that harmonize with indigo blue deepens your sense of confidence and love of your higher self.

Music: Listening to the blues, smooth jazz, pop and any other music that excites your individual Soul is aligned with indigo blue. Immerse yourself in music’s infinite energy to extend the resonance of this color in your meditation.

Betsy Karp is the Courtesan of Color. Former fashion designer, author, and current color consultant, Betsy is an avid traveler who writes about sensual experiences of color, art & culture. Trained in Florence, Italy, her art is at home in private collections around the world. Find her at Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn.

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